• Body MassagerOur body massager adopts new tapping technique to better refresh the neck and revitalize the whole body.
    It offers 11 tapping modes and 10 tapping intensity adjustment levels, to suit users' different requirements.
  • Head MassagerOur head massager adopts patented pressure technology, which helps remove headache and prevent stiff neck.
    The vibration function enables the massager to effectively relieve tight muscles.
  • Eye MassagerOur eye massager adopts intelligent air pressure massage technique to relieve the eye tiredness, prevent short sightedness and improve eyesight.
    It is designed in accordance with the acupressure points theory created by the traditional Chinese medical experts.

Our company is a professional massager manufacturer in China. We offer body massager, eye massager, and head massager. In addition, electrosurgical generator, anesthetic machine and CO2 incubator are also available.