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Eye Massager

Eye Massager

1. Our eye massager adopts intelligent air pressure massage technique to relieve the eye tiredness, prevent short sightedness and improve eyesight.
2. It is designed in accordance with the acupressure points theory created by the traditional Chinese medical experts.
3. The vibration exercises the eyeballs, relaxes the brain cells and reduces short sightedness.
4. Our eye massager adopts far infrared ray heat compression technique, which helps improve blood circulation around the eyes and enhance the metabolism of the eye cells.
5. The adoption of music therapy can relieve pain, anxiety and stress, creating positive changes in mood.

Specifications of Eye Massager
Rated Voltage DC 6V
Rated Power 6W
Overall Size 215×105×115mm
Net Weight 485g

As a specialized eye massager manufacturer and supplier in China, it also provides head massager, fingertip pulse oximeter, anesthetic machine, laboratory centrifuge, and other products.

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