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Body Massager

Body Massager

1. Our body massager adopts new tapping technique to better refresh the neck and revitalize the whole body.
2. It offers 11 tapping modes and 10 tapping intensity adjustment levels, to suit users' different requirements.
3. V type design greatly fits the body curve, which enables the body massager to massage the hard to reach areas of the neck, shoulder, lumbar, hip and legs.
4. Hands free design makes it easy to use our body massager.
5. While tapping, the body massager will also generate some heat to promote blood circulation, relieve the tense muscle and revitalize the body.

Specifications of Body Massager
Rated Voltage AC 220V 50Hz
Input Power 100W
Overall Size 760×480×65mm
Net Weight 2.85kg

As a professional body massager manufacturer in China, we not only provide massager, but also supply pulse oximeter, body fat analyzer, electrosurgical generator, biological safety cabinet, and more.

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