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K1 Fetal Doppler Monitor

K1 Fetal Doppler Monitor

1. K1 Fetal Doppler Monitor uses a LCD display with backlight.
2. It allows numerical real time FHR and trend waveform display.
3. The adoption of DSP (digital signal processing) technology guarantees clinical level FHR results.
4. The fetal doppler monitor has a built in speaker for audio output.
5. Data storage and playback is available.
6. PC data management software is used for data transmission and analysis.
7. The fetal doppler monitor will automatically power off in one minute if no FHR signal is detected.
8. It uses 3×AA batteries power supply with low power indication.
9. It offers audio and visual alarms. The alarm limits are adjustable.
10. 1M fetal monitoring probe is available for continuous monitoring.

Specifications of K1 Fetal Doppler Monitor
Fetal Heart Rate Measuring range 50~210bpm
Resolution 1bpm
Accuracy ±1bpm or 1%, whichever is greater
Probe Ultrasonic Frequency 1MHz, 2MHz, 2.5MHz
ISATA (ultrasonic intensity) <5mW/cm2
Pmax <0.35MPa
Effective ultrasonic emitting area 340mm2 ±10%
General Dimensions 145mm (L)×116mm(W)×29mm(H)
Weight 310 ±10g(including batteries)

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