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H8 Water Purification System

H8 Water Purification System

1. The H8 Water Purification System uses an interactive LCD display to show water tank level, conductivity, resistivity, temperature and date.
2. It can produce ultra pure water and RO water which flow out through two separate outlets. The flow rate for ultra pure water of 18.2MΩ.cm can reach 1.5L/min and for RO water of 0~10μs/cm can achieve 30L/hr.
3. The use of patented pre-treatment cartridge contributes to the extended lifetime of RO cartridge.
4. The water purification system is integrated with 185nm UV oxidizer and 254nm UV sterilizer.
5. It adopts combined technology of RO, UV photo-oxidation, UV sterilization, deionization and micro filtration
6. Flow restriction design keeps RO membrane surface wet to maximize its lifespan.

Specifications of H8 Water Purification System
Feed Water Requirements
Feed Water Tap Water(Conductivity<400 μs/cm)
Feed Water Temperature 5-40℃
Feed Pressure 0.05-0.5MPa
High Quality Pure Water(Class III)
Ionic Rejection >95%
Bacteria and Particulates Rejection >99%
Conductivity <20 μs/cm
Productivity Rate 10L/h, 20L/h, 30L/h
High Quality Pure Water(Class II)
Resistivity at 25℃ 10MΩ-cm
TOC <20ppb
Dissolved Organic <0.1ppm
Ultra Pure Water Quality
Resistivity at 25℃ 17-18.2MΩ.cm
Flow Rate 1.0-1.5L/min
TOC Level(Optional with UV) <10ppb ( <5ppb)
Endotoxin(Optional with UF) <0.001EU/ml
Soluble Silicon <0.1ppm
Particulates( ≥0.22 μm) <1pc/ml
Bacteria <1cfu/ml

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