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H2 Water Purification System

H2 Water Purification System

1. Our H2 Water Purification System uses combined technology of UV photo oxidation, UV sterilization, deionization and ultra-filtration.
2. It uses a resistivity sensor to monitor system operation and water quality variation.
3. The water purification system comes with an interactive 8-line LCD display to indicate conductivity, resistivity, temperature and date.
4. It is integrated with 185nm UV oxidizer and 254nm UV sterilizer.
5. It has a 30 liters feed water tank with an internal pump and low water level float sensor.
6. The DC pump causes low noise and no contamination.
7. The water purification system can produce ultra pure water. The flow rate for ultra pure water of 18.2MΩ.cm can be up to 2.0L/min.
8. The water purification system is available in several types. UV and VF can meet the requirements for low TOC level of 1-5ppb, and UF and VF can meet the requirements for low endotoxin level of less than 0.001EU/ml.
9. Alarms for filter life expiry, abnormal water quality and water pressure are available.
10. Pipeline sterilization and applicable software are available.
11. RS232 data port allows sending data to PC or printer.

Specifications of H2 Water Purification System
Type Basic UV UF VF
Feed Water Requirements    
Feed Water Pure Water(Conductivity<20 μs/cm)
Feed Water Temperature 5-40 ℃
Ultra Pure Water Quality    
Resistivity at 25 ℃ 18.2MΩ.cm
Conductivity at 25 ℃ 0.055 μs/cm
Flow Rate 1.5-2.0L/min
TOC Level 5~10ppb 1~5ppb 5~10ppb 1~5ppb
Endotoxin - - <0.001EU/ml <0.001EU/ml
Resistivity Cell 0.01cm -1
Particulates( ≥0.22 μm) <1pc/ml
Bacteria <1cfu/ml
Dimensions(L ×W ×H) 314 ×525 ×570mm

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