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Laboratory Centrifuge

  • Biological Safety CabinetOur Biological Safety Cabinet is refrigerated by a precise CFC-free unit with a temperature control range of -10 to 40℃.
    It offers a maximum speed of 15000rpm and maximum RCF of 23646×g.
  • G1 Laboratory CentrifugeG1 Laboratory Centrifuge has automatic rotor identification function and rotor pre-cooling function.
    If any failure occurs, the product will give alarms immediately.
    Our laboratory centrifuges are equipped with an electronic imbalance detection system.
  • G2 Laboratory CentrifugeG2 Laboratory Centrifuge uses a LCD display to indicate speed, RCF, time, temperature, acceleration, braking rates and error message.
    9 acceleration and 9 braking curves are available.
  • G3 Laboratory CentrifugeFixed angle rotor #1501 is offered as a standard accessory.
    Our laboratory centrifuges have automatic rotor identification function.
    A patented lid lock system is used for safety.
  • G4 Laboratory CentrifugeFive autoclavable(121℃, 20min) ultra-duralumin airtight rotors are available.
    Our laboratory centrifuge offers automatic rotor identification function.
    It will give alarms if there is any abnormality.

Our laboratory centrifuges, providing good centrifugal effect, easy operation, high reliability and safety, are widely used in the fields of molecular and biochemical research, and medical diagnosis.