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Biological Safety Cabinet

  • F1 Biological Safety CabinetThe adoption of self adjusting motor technology dramatically decreases cabinet vibration.
    The monolithic shell guarantees the leak-proof performance of the biological safety cabinet.
    The cabinet uses double wall and the work area is surrounded by negative pressure, thereby preventing samples from leakage.
  • F2 Biological Safety CabinetThe ergonomically angled window is sloped at 10° for better comfort.
    The frameless window offers an unobstructed view and allows ease of cleaning.
    The F2 Biological Safety Cabinet has 3 independent openings for water, vacuum and gas tap.

The biological safety cabinet provides great safety and high comfort. In addition, it offers a high level of personnel, product and environment protection. Moreover, it is available at an economical price. As a result, it is increasingly used by customers worldwide.