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F2 Biological Safety Cabinet

F2 Biological Safety Cabinet

1. The F2 Biological Safety Cabinet uses efficient ULPA main filter and HEPA exhaust filter. Their filtration efficiency reaches 99.999%.
2. The air filtered is 100% exhausted.
3. The adoption of self adjusting motor technology contributes to reduced cabinet vibration.
4. The monolithic shell guarantees leak-proof biological safety cabinet construction.
5. The cabinet uses double wall and the work area is surrounded by negative pressure, thereby preventing samples from leakage.
6. The laminated safety glass provides great protection against explosion, breakage and UV.
7. The predefined working height of the window is 20cm±5mm.
8. Quiet operation of F2 Biological Safety Cabinets results in a comfortable working environment.
9. All of our biological safety cabinets are KI-Discus tested on a sampling basis for performance consistency.

Ergonomic Design
1. The ergonomically angled window is sloped at 10° for better comfort.
2. The frameless window offers an unobstructed view and allows ease of cleaning.
3. The F2 Biological Safety Cabinet has 3 independent openings for water, vacuum and gas tap.
4. It contains two water-proof power sockets.
5. The safety cabinet width is available in 3, 4, 5 or 6ft (900, 1200, 1500).

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