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Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer

Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer

1. Wide applications

Our low temperature plasma sterilizer can be used for sterilizing most non-liquid medical instruments and accessories made of metal or non-metal materials.
Please refer to the user manual or consult with us directly for the list of applicable objects and feasibility for your special instruments or accessories.

2. Environmentally friendly
The only by-products are vapour and oxygen. No pollutant is produced.

3. Non-destructive
At relatively low temperature of about 50℃, most materials are not damaged by overheating. Moreover, the chemical sterilant used will not cause corrosion of the objects. The sterilization method can effectively prolong objects' service life.

4. Powerful
Uniform density plasma inside sterilization cabin makes thorough and comprehensive sterilization, which can sterilize the objects not only on the surface but also inside the tube cavity.

5. Cost effective and efficient
The low temperature plasma sterilizer only requires a few economic consumables, which can greatly save user's cost. In addition, compared with traditional sterilization devices, it offers remarkable reduction in sterilization period, which can effectively increase the utilization of medical instruments and accessories.

6. Easy to use
The low temperature plasma sterilizer is designed with user convenience in mind. No initialization, no preheating, no need for preparation, easy operation on the touch screen, high automation and little daily maintenance combine to give users new experiences in daily sterilization.

7. Safe
Our attention to safety is reflected in every detail, such as no hot vapor, no high pressure, no exposed physical radiation, no chemical gas, and no direct contact with hydrogen peroxide in a sealed cassette.

Our company is a low temperature plasma sterilizer manufacturer in China. Our company offers a vast range of products, including multi-parameter monitor, anesthetic machine, CO2 incubator, pulse oximeter, and many others.

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