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Surgical Light

  • D1 Surgical LightOur D1 Surgical Light has optimized white LEDs that cover the entire visible colour spectrum required for demanding surgeries.
    The unique hollow design of the surgical light enables clean air to reach the surgical field directly,
  • D2 Surgical LightD2 Surgical Light adopts new anodic oxidation technology, which ensures efficient color temperature and temperature rise control.
    Our surgical light uses explosion proof and transparent PC plastic dome cover.
  • D3 Surgical LightD3 Surgical Light adopts blue theca plating technology. This helps to create a light source that is close to natural light source.
    It uses universal 6-joint spring suspension arms for better flexibility and position control.
  • D4 Surgical LightFour types of single dome lamp include ceiling mounted type, wall mounted type, mobile type with backup battery and mobile type without backup battery.
    The D4 Surgical Light uses explosion proof and transparent PC plastic dome cover.
  • D5 Surgical LightDomes with diameters of 70cm and 60cm are optional for choice.
    The surgical light uses explosion proof and rippled PC plastic dome cover.
    Single, dual and triple domes are available to be equipped in one ceiling mount lamp.

Our company is a primary surgical light manufacturer in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including anesthetic machine, ICU ceiling supply unit, laboratory centrifuge, massager, and others.