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OR Ceiling Supply Unit

OR Ceiling Supply Unit

1. The good placement of medical devices and accessories and orderly organization of power cords and gas pipelines make our OR ceiling supply unit look tidy and elegant. There is on object on ground except mobile carts.

2. Our OR ceiling supply unit is very practical as it allows maximum space for operation, activity and easy access to all relevant devices. In addition, it ensures abundant power, data and gas supply. Multiple functional accessories are also optional to accommodate various applications.

3. Our OR ceiling supply unit comes in different configurations. Free combination of configurations is available. This product can also be customized according to clients' specific requirements.

4. Because our OR ceiling supply unit is reasonably designed and made using qualified materials, it is durable, maintenance free and ensures low loss. In addition, we will provide professional installation instructions and advice.

Specifications of OR Ceiling Supply Unit
Arm Length 600mm, 800mm and combination model
Distributor Length 800mm,1000mm(T type, F type); 770mm(N type)
Load Capacity 300KG (Single arm)
150KG (Dual arm)
50KG (Shelves)
Swiveling Range 0-330° at each joint
Power supply AC 110V/60Hz, AC 220V/50Hz

As a professional OR ceiling supply unit manufacturer in China, we provide not only medical ceiling supply unit, but also surgical operating table, biological safety cabinet, fingertip pulse oximeter, and more.

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