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C2 Anesthetic Machine

C2 Anesthetic Machine

Product Overview
C2 Anesthetic Machine provides an affordable and flexible anesthesia solution for now and the future. Our customers can start with routine application. The anesthetic machine is upgradeable to better meet customers' anesthetic requirements. Modern anesthetic workstation expansion is also feasible to greatly improve the workflow and cut down the operating cost.

C2 Anesthetic Machines can be used for inhalational anesthesia delivery and management for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients.

1. The anesthetic machine offers electronic PEEP function.
2. It has automatic tidal volume compensation, except Anaeston 3000C.
3. It provides a high-precision output as low as 20ml.
4. The anesthetic machine uses autoclavable and latex free components.
5. It can be easily maintained and cleaned without specialized tools.
6. It is CE certified, giving users peace of mind.

As a specialized anesthetic machine manufacturer and supplier in China, it also provides electrosurgical generator, surgical operating table, fingertip pulse oximeter, and laboratory centrifuge, among others.

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