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Surgical Operating Table

  • B1 Surgical Operating TableB1 Surgical Operating Table is a universal electric operating table that allows all kinds of surgical positions. Based on the highly reliable and stable electro-hydraulic system, it can be easily set up and precisely positioned with ultra low noise.
  • B2 Surgical Operating TableThe surgical operating table has a load capacity of 200 kg.
    It features X-ray radiolucent surface and allows convenient use of C-arm.
    The shape memory pads are comfortable, easy to replace and clean.
  • B3 Surgical Operating TableIt uses comfortable pads that are easy to replace and clean.
    The high performance electro-hydraulic system is stable and ensures precise positioning and ultra low noise.

This company manufactures and supplies a wide range of hand control and electric surgical operating tables, for universal or special applications in operating theatres in China and over other 40 countries.

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