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B3 Surgical Operating Table

B3 Surgical Operating Table

Product Overview
The surgical operating table is a hand control operating table that has a load capacity of 200 kg. It can be easily set up and positioned to meet all kinds of surgical operation needs.

1. The surgical operating table features X-ray radiolucent surface and is C-arm compatible.
2. It uses comfortable pads that are easy to replace and clean.
3. The high performance electro-hydraulic system is stable and ensures precise positioning and ultra low noise.
4. The surgical operating table is highly maneuverable with two central brakes.
5. Easy position adjustment can be realized through the hand crank under head section.

Specifications of B3 Surgical Operating Table
Table length 2100 mm
Table width 500 mm
Table height (Raised) 1040 mm
Table height (Lowered) 690 mm
Trendelenburg 20°
Anti-trendelenburg 15°
Lateral tilt (right) 15°
Lateral tilt (left) 15°
Back plate (up) 75°
Back plate (down) 12°
Head plate (up) 90°
Head plate (down) 90°
Leg plate (down) 90°
Leg plate (split) 130°
Armboard (up) 15°
Armboard (down) 15°
Flex position 192°
Reflex position 105°
Kidney bridge height 110 mm
Load capacity 200 kg

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