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Electrosurgical Generator

Electrosurgical Generator

Product Overview
A3 Electrosurgical Generator is designed to perform high precision surgical procedures at lower power setting and lower thermal damage risk.

1. The electrosurgical generator adopts tissue type responding technology.
2. It has automatic current monitoring and program memory functions.
3. The electrosurgical generator comes with an easy to operate interface.
4. Optional adaptor for laparoscopy and thoracoscopy application is available.
5. The electrosurgical unit offers lower power consumption.
6. The pure cut mode maximum output is 100 watts.
7. This product has 6 monopolar and 1 bipolar output.
8. It features isolated output, all floating.

Specifications of A3 Electrosurgical Generator
Dimension 330*450*150mm(W*D*H)
Weight 7 kg
Protection class I
Unit type CF
Input power supply 220V ± 10%/50Hz
Working frequency 512KHZ
Standard compliance EN 60601-1-2, 60601-2-2
Working mode
Cut mode
Pure 100 watts at 500 ohms
Blend1 80 watts at 500 ohms
Blend2 60 watts at 500 ohms
Blend3 50 watts at 500 ohms
Coagulation mode
Point 7 0 watts at 500 ohms
Soft 70 watts at 500 ohms
Bipolar 50 watts at 100 ohms

Our company is a primary electrosurgical generator manufacturer based in China. In addition, our company also supplies anesthetic machine, multi-parameter monitor, laboratory centrifuge, body massager, and more.

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